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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#5 Integrate NetCheck with CheckAPI's generic parsing framework... new pawanranganath enhancement major
#7 Need automated test runner new pawanranganath enhancement major
#10 NetCheck does not report MTU problem new somebody defect major
#11 UNEXPECTED_SUCCESS is never returned by the model new somebody defect major
#14 no diagnoses for non-transitive connection new somebody defect major
#15 refactoring code new somebody defect major
#16 create unit tests to test NetCheck new somebody defect major
#17 close_syscall EXPECTED_BLOCKING incomplete error message new somebody defect major
#18 Replace constants with meaningful variables new somebody defect major
#19 make a release of NetCheck new somebody task major
#20 Documenting and explaining how to get traces new somebody defect major
#21 Relocated blackbox traces to new somebody enhancement major
#22 Adding example traces to the repository new somebody enhancement major
#23 make select return value meaningful new defect major
#24 indicate whether rules return permanent reject new enhancement major
#30 Trace Parsing List Index Error new defect major
#1 Failing to detect error on wb-trace new pawanranganath defect minor
#4 Model-Trace Success-Failure anomaly new somebody defect minor
#9 command line option for turning on/off SHOW_SYSCALLS new somebody enhancement minor
#28 Collect real MTU issue traces assigned gurkaran task minor
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